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Everyone Needs a Little Encouragement

Thank you Voyage Denver for featuring me on your site. I needed a marketing boost. It seems that every time I try to promote Lisbon to Shanghai, I end up watching YouTube videos with cats digitally inserted into famous movie scenes.

Since publishing my book, I’ve learned that every author has to have a blog. It’s a thing. It’s a duty. It’s something we’re supposed to do. And I absolutely loathe it. Something about writing about my writing exposes all kinds of deep-seated avoidance issues I never knew I had.

It doesn’t help that, from an economic standpoint, there is literally no sense in investing my time to sell my book. Ten hours invested might - might - lead to ten more book sales. Considering that I make less than $3 from every book sale, digital or print, the math is pretty clear. Ten hours times three dollars equals not much. Even if I were to somehow hit the bestseller list, and I sold 10,000 copies next year, my total income from book sales would be far less than what I make as a teacher, and that’s not a statement you hear very often.

“Don’t quit your day job” takes on a whole new meaning as I stare at my website, trying to type something witty. That my day job consumes fifty hours of my week, and my cycling another twenty, it’s easy to understand why I keep watching those cat videos.

But enough about all that. Here’s the article: Conversations with Tom Sweeney. Again, thanks to VoyageDenver for featuring me, and for giving me a much-needed boost to continue spreading the word.

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